Online Individual Session with Angaangaq

The next dates will be on  June 28 & 29 and by appointment  At an individual session you can bring any question or life issue – Angaangaq will work with […]

Intensive Seminar: Walking Tall and Powerful | Austria

Seminarhof Schleglberg Holzäusln 12, Holzhäusln, Austria

During the weekend the guiding theme is: "Walking tall and and powerful" - what does it mean and how can we live it? Angaangaq will teach us about the topic […]

€ 395

Shamanic Wisdom from the Far North | Bern, Switzerland

Die Quelle – Ort der Begegnung Museumstrasse 10, Bern, Switzerland

Angaangaq takes us on the most important journey of our lives - the journey from the mind to the heart. The evening gives an insight into the powerful, clear and […]


Sermersuaq: The Last Ice Project

Sermersuaq: The Last Ice is art as activism, an inspiring international art collaboration in a time of an awakening. It will be an international expedition, multi-dimensional sculptural installation, film, and […]