Online – Individual sessions with Angaangaq

The next dates are January 26th and February 9th/22nd 2022.  At an individual session you can bring any question or life issue – Angaangaq will work with it individually in his way. Angaangaq speaks English. “The responsibility of a shaman is to lift up your spirit, to help you to find your inner balance, and […]

Talk at the World Expo | Dubai

Angaangaq is invited to talk at the World Expo in Dubai. He will contribute as a speaker to the event "Healthier World, Healthier People - Designing Spaces that heal our Planet". Thought leaders, visionaries and changemakers consider the health risks associated with humans’ and nature’s increasing proximity, and ask how we can design and build […]

Online LIVE Talk | About Trauma


Angaangaq often talks about, what it is about to help, assist and guide people as a shaman. "You might have felt things you shouldn't have felt, you might have seen things, you shouldn't have seen, you might have heard things, you shouldn't have heard and smelled things you never should have smelled." Angaangaq During that […]


Online Event | Mother Earth Delegation


Angaangaq is part of the Mother Earth Delegation of United Original Nations. Mother Earth delegation offers regularily free online events each third Saturday per month- Angaangaq participates when he is available. Hear the wisdom shared by a delegation of elders who come with directions from Mother Earth to help us walk through these times of […]