First walk on the big mountain Qaqqarsuaq wih architects from Germany. This is the place where the healing center should be build.

First walk on the big mountain Qaqqarsuaq wih architects from Germany. This is the place where the healing center should be build.

Aanakasaap Illua (Grandmother’s Home) is planned to be built on Qaqqarsuaq, a large mountain near Kangerlussuaq. Aanakasaap Illua is a healing center where the diseases of addiction and other psychological illnesses will be treated using both modern and traditional healing modalities. Greenland is not only battling the problems of addiction within their population. They also have an extremely high suicide rate. These problems are rooted in the era of Danish colonization. Children were separated from their families and raised in Danish-Christian households. The Kalaallisut (Greenlandic) language was forbidden; the practice of old traditions and culture, banned. During that time, the entire uprooting of a nation took place, the aftermath of which is mirrored today in the absence of a cultural foothold, self-alienation, addiction and a high suicide rate.


First reviews of the drafts at the Technical University in Munich.

First reviews of the drafts at the Technical University in Munich.

Today, local treatment hardly exists. Patients are sent to Denmark. This is one reason whyAanakasaap Illua wants to make native traditions, ceremonies and ancient healing knowledge accessible to the Kalaallit (Greenlanders) once again. “Life is a ceremony worthy of celebrating with a ceremony,” as Angaangaq’s grandmother has already said. Traditional healing methods like mud baths, sweat lodges, spiritual walks and ceremonies will be utilized, hand in hand, with the most current methods in the patient’s treatment. This new, interconnected approach will be conducted and evaluated, both medically and scientifically.

Aanakasaap Illua will be built on a mountain called Qaqqarsuaq. The pristine landscape begs an experience of transformation in and of itself. The building will be constructed and run in a self-sustaining and co2 neutral manner. Every structure will meet the highest standard in ecological suitability.

In addition to the healing center, the building complex will also contain an agricultural zone. Right now, farming exists only in Greenland’s southern region. Temperatures up to minus 50 degrees Celsius and challenging light conditions, especially in the dark winter months, prompt the development of innovative and new technological solutions. A sustainable and moderate type of indoor farming is planned, where plants can be hydroponically grown. The production of fruits and vegetables is integrated in the therapeutic process. Every morning, in ceremony, the patients will tend to the plants. They will follow its growth, thereby recognizing their own progress. They will practice mindfulness and grooming on the outside, and in doing so, notice the warming of their own hearts. They will learn how plants prosper and thrive and bring this knowledge home to their villages and families, so that in future, they will be less dependant upon expensive, imported vegetables.

Objective I

The establishment of a healing center in Greenland that treats the diseases of addiction and other psychological illnesses with traditional and modern therapeutic approaches. It should provide space for about 200 beds.

A team of experienced scientists oversee the project and monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of the therapeutic methods and their combinations.

Aanakasaap Illua fosters a healthy and successful life-style, especially for the local Greenlanders.

Objective II

The center fosters the development of sustainable farming, partially financing itself from the sale of its own agricultural products. The collaboration in the agricultural enterprise is also a part of the therapeutic process.

The center will be built and maintained according to the most current methods available in sustainable architecture and building management.

 Aanakasaap Illua supports the implementation of sustainable agriculture in Greenland.

Objective III

The center offers a splendid hotel for people that have an interest in nature, culture and regeneration. The hotel, in and of itself, is a location of strength and features itself as a hotel used for seminars and training. It is an inspiration in the field of traditional healing methods, as well as sustainable medicine and agriculture.

 Aanakasaap Illua is a place of inspiration and regeneration for people from around the world.