Aanakasaap Illua

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First walk on the big mountain Qaqqarsuaq wih architects from Germany. This is the place where the healing center should be build.
First walk on the mountain of Qaqqarsuaq with architects

Aanakasaap Illua  means “Grandmother´s Home” and is named after Angaangaq´s Grandmother Aanakasaa. The Healing Center on the Mountain of Qaqqarsuaq near Kangerlussuaq in Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland) will provide therapy of addictive and other mental disorders, and a hospital, applying the best of  both  modern  and  traditional  healing  modalities.

Aanakasaap Illua will combine sustainable innovative plant growing indoors and permaculture in the area of local medicinal plants, a sustainable farming and aqua farming (Greenland salmon and arctic char, raised in their natural habitat), a hotel, and the sale of goods produced on the premises.

Aanakasaap Illua will be adjacent to the village of Qaqqarsuaq which will house staff members including their families.

Aanakasaap Illua and the village of Qaqqarsuaq will be constructed and run in a self-sustaining and carbon-neutral manner, meeting the highest standards of ecological suitability.

First reviews of the drafts at the Technical University in Munich.

First reviews of the drafts at the Technical University in Munich.


At  Aanakasaap  Illua,  addictive  disorders  and  other  mental  disorders  such  as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder will be treated. Greenland is not only battling the problems of addiction within their population, but also their suicide rate is amongst the highest in the world. In the aftermath of Danish colonization, the uprooting of  an  entire  nation  occurred.

There is, however, much more to Aanakasaap Illua than the Greenlandic perspective: Uprooting  and  traumatization  due  to  wars  and  to  sexual,  physical,  and emotional abuse, and a clash of cultures occur all over the world. They call for the healing of their consequences which are universal: addictive and affective disorders,  suicidality,  post-traumatic  stress  disorder,  and  a  loss  of  traditional social cohesion.

Thus, Aanakasaap Illua will welcome in its pristine ambiance patients from all over  the  world  who  are  in  need  of  healing,  helping  them  to  find  their  inner balance  and  stand  tall  and  powerful  as  they  were  meant  to  be  for  times  and times to come. As a consequence, balance in their families, communities, and nations can be restored and peace may be born:

Greenland is the only country in the world where humans live and where there has never been war.