Intensive Seminar: Melt the Ice in your Heart | Luebeck, Germany

Tanzclub Hanseatic Lübeck e. V. Falkenstraße 37 a, Lübeck, Germany

To melt the ice in the heart of man, is the instruction Angaangaq received from his family. That was the way to bring about the change, that he no longer saw as possible through his work at the United Nations, that he had therefore resigned. In the seminar, you experience him as a shaman, learn […]


Fully booked: Intensive Seminar | Courage & Faith | Switzerland

The event is fully booked. "We have an ancient prophecy. The ancients say: 'Once the day will come when the Great Sea Eagle will lift her wings and soar down from the icebergs. It will bring a fresh scent, where knowledge and wisdom are combined. - How I long for this prophecy to come true! […]

CHF490 – CHF550

Intensive Seminar | About Ceremonies – near Kassel, Germany

Parimal Gut Hübenthal e.G. Hübenthal 1, Witzenhausen, Germany

The seminar is fully booked. You can register for the waiting list. »Life is a Ceremony in itself, worthy of Celebrating with a Ceremony.« The world is full of rituals because many ceremonies lost their spirit. We now just do them because that is the way they have been done for centuries. They become empty […]

€ 395

Online Event | World Unity Week

World UNITY Week is an annual FREE, online 8-day event embracing the mid-year Solstice, Yoga Day, UN Refugee Day, World Peace & Prayer Day and a vast array of interconnected global content. This year World UNITY Week launches the 99 Days of Peace through Unity culminating in Peace Week in September. You can participate here […]

Storytelling Festival | West Fulton, New York

The StoryTelling Festival in New York has been postponed due to inclement weather. The organizer has to determine when and how to go forward. The Mother Earth gave Her sacred gift of storytelling to the Original Peoples in the beginning days. These creation stories and stories that also prophesize and instruct have been passed down […]

$125 – $250

Individual Sessions | close to Kassel, Germany

Parimal Gut Hübenthal e.G. Hübenthal 1, Witzenhausen, Germany

»The shaman helps us to understand who we are and helps us to come home to ourselves. When your spirit is lifted, you will smile and your body will feel better. My grandmother says: “When you lift the spirit above the presence you have a chance to look with eyes of faith into your future. […]

Intensive Seminar | Walking Tall and Powerful | near Kassel, Germany

Parimal Gut Hübenthal e.G. Hübenthal 1, Witzenhausen, Germany

During the weekend the guiding theme is: "Walking tall and and powerful" - what does it mean and how can we live it? Angaangaq will teach us about the topic from his indigenous tradition through the stories and teachings from the Far North and we can experience him as a shaman. At the same time, […]


Intensive Seminar | Coming Home to the Great Mother | Switzerland

We rewrite the creation story and return home to Mother Earth You lie on the earth and feel her breathing. You listen to her heartbeat. You sit under an apple tree and really feel it - the fullness. You love yourself and the others just as they are. You are peace. We want to rewrite […]

€500 – €585

Angaangaq at the Climate Consciousness Summit

Amongst many precious speakers, also Angaangaq will be part of this event. Participation in the Summit is FREE and you can watch each day’s line- up for 48 hours. Register for free: Live Opening Event: The Summit will kick off with a Live Opening Event with communities on the frontline in Southern Africa and summit hosts […]

7 Days of Rest: Reweaving and Wholeness (free online Event)

7 Days of Rest is an annual, open co-creative event dedicated to the healing and replenishment of the planet and all its inhabitants. All are invited to enjoy the rich array of offerings, including wisdom teachings, meditations, music, inspirations and more, that are generously offered by the global community. Sign up FOR FREE: 7 Days […]