That message of Angaangaq was integrated into the Art Activism project “Project Change” on the SEC Armadillo Building at COP26 in Glasgow.

This is my message I have sent to the people at the “COP26” in Glasgow:

I touch my heart for all these beautiful people that acknowledged me, to give my face, my heart and my voice to this summit, and all those who came to listen.

May it be a good meeting, after which we will know:

What to become and what we are supposed to be?

So – listen, listen and listen more:

I grew up in an ancient tradition and I was told, “we are supposed to be the custodians and caretakers of Mother Earth, of all what is within and upon her”.

This land of my ancestors, which is now a world heritage land, is now my land. I personally have to take care of this land for the generations to come. Not only for me, but also for the whole earth because of the impact my land, Greenland, has for the whole earth.

How did we do it? We lived with Mother Earth, the plants, the animals and the minerals and we asked for permission. We did our ceremonies for them and we said ‘Thank you’. The animals were used to give birth at my Family’s land, and we knew which animal to hunt, and which not to. We were told when to hunt, and when not to. What to do with the resources we had access to, and how to care for them so that we can still feed the next generations.

So, I am asking you: how many meetings do we have to go to, to learn to take care for the generations to come? How many meetings do we have to go to, until we learn, which impact we have, and how it is to be done together, because you never can do huge things like these alone?

My prayer is that more people will be aware of all the knowledge the indigenous people have, that are still connected to their lands, bringing these precious gifts to the world. So more people will be able to melt the ice in the heart of man. I had been instructed what to do by my mother, then, only then man will have a chance to change, and begin to use his knowledge wisely.

Do not wait for the government, for the UN. It is on you, on each and every individual person that has to change locally. This is the only way we can face the changes to be done.

May it be a good meeting – after which you know, what to become: you are supposed to be a caretaker and custodian for mother earth and all what is within and upon her.

In unity, Angaangaq