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Trailer with Angaangaq in Greenland

In 2017 the filmteam from Gaby Herbstein made recordings with Angaangaq during the Elders Gathering on the Sacred Site in Greenland. The last few years they interviewed Spiritual Leaders all over the world.  Here you find the link to the Trailer of National Geographic.

The Stillness of Kalaallit Nunaat

Tale of a  journey to Greenland, where Angaangaq showed people the nature near the “Big Ice”.

The Stillness of Kalaallit Nunaat


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Melting the Ice in the Heart of Man | at the Big Ice, Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland), June 20-24, 2018

“My Grandmother in 1893 when she was born, about 10 years old, she went to a big mountain and she saw the world. To the North, it was 450 km she could see … to the South, 450 km to the end of the curvature of the Earth. She could see 900 km with her own bare eyes. So she saw the world and she realized – and I grew up knowing the story – that you and I, we have grown apart. We have developed ice in our heart. And they say: Only by melting the ice in the heart of Man, Man will have a chance to change and begin using his knowledge wisely. And with that wisdom, we could really unite the world. None of us, and absolutely none of us, can live isolated from each other. We need each other. As my Grandmother would say to us: you need all the help you can get. I came here to get the help … so I can learn to recognize you by recognizing myself … so that I can learn to love you by loving myself … so I can learn to honor you by honoring myself .. so that I can learn to trust you by learning to trust myself.

I have the honor to welcome spiritual leaders from all over the world together with you. I thank the Universal Sufi Council for bringing the Peace Pledge Project to Greenland – to Kalaallit Nunaat in my language. Let us connect with the land, do Ceremony together and melt the ice in our hearts at the Big Ice, melting away so fast.

Takoqqissaagut, see you soon,


A shamanic spiritual walk in silence will help us come home to ourselves. We may connect with our own ancestors, visiting the ancient ceremonial longhouse and the remainders of the village where Angaangaq´s beloved Grandmother Aanakasaa would be in summer and his ancestors would go hunting.

There is no better place to join the Peace Pledge Pilgrimage than Greenland – the only Country on Earth where Man lives and there has never been war. This land only knows Peace and you can feel it Walking the land.

Contact: travel@icewisdom.com


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The Big Ice – Greenland 2015: The Spiritual Significance of Climate Change

Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, June 29th to July 4th, 2015

We had an amazing time at the Big Ice in Greenland – in Kalaallit Nunaat as we say in our own language. We experienced a shamanic spiritual walk in silence, and a bright night, watching the full moon and the midnight sun facing each other above us. And yes, we had so much fun.

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Shamanic Journey

When Angaangaq’s Qilaut sounds,
my heart begins to sing! Read more

Alas, when the Ice is Crying

The glaciers are melting in Greenland. And Man is worried about the future of the world. In search of clues in a natural paradise.

By: Christoph Quarch | Photos: Sven Nieder | Translation: Donna Weidner

Is the glacier laughing or crying? Nukartaa does not need to search for the answer. “She is crying,” he says. “The ice is crying and the river that you are looking at there, is carrying her tears to the sea.” Nukartaa says this with a look of concern. Even he, a Greenlandic Elder, is close to tears. I am reminded of what I saw yesterday: turquoise blue lakes far inland lying on top of the ice. They looked like eyes peering up from the depths at the sky. We were on approach, landing in Kangerlussuaq. Then, my heart jumped for joy. But now, I am uneasy: The glacier is crying. Read more

The Ice Is Melting

Science and Prophecy

The Ancient One’s say that One Day, when the World needs it most, the Sacred Fire will come Home to the People on the Top of the World.
For thousands of years the people in the north fuelled their fires with oil from animals such as the seal and the arctic dolphin. Animals gave their lives so the people would have light and warmth. Now the climate is changing and the trees are standing again. The time has come for the Sacred Fires to be kindled with wood from Mother Earth. Read more

Return of the Sacred Fire

A Prophecy from the Top of the World is Fulfilled

For a very long time, Greenland was white. Only few strips of land along the coasts were green. Until one winter’s day in 1963 when two young hunters discovered something very disturbing: The huge ice walls were melting. They thought this was impossible since the temperature was well below minus 30 degrees. It was much too cold. And yet, drops of water fell upon them from up above. They ran back to the village to tell the Elders what they had experienced. “The ice is melting!” they reported. “Impossible!” The Elders also thought. “The ice cannot melt when it is so cold!” Yet, as the years passed, the drops became trickles, and later streams. Today, water shoots from the ice; ice that is only half as thick as it was forty years ago. Greenland is becoming green. Read more