Each month the Voices’ newsletter features a particular statement about nuclear weapons.

This month’s statement comes from Angaangaq.

The production and the use of nuclear weapons does not honor the life itself and brings war to the mind and the people. I come from a land – Greenland – which had never known the energy of war.
Yes, people came here – from lands that know war – but my own people did and do not know this energy. I pray that mankind will be much more aware within ourselves, that we can have the strength and capacity to move on in life without forgetting, always honoring, always remembering everyone.

Everyone in the circle to which we all belong. To grow up to the custodians of mother earth to protect all what is within and upon her.”


Voices for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons, a Cooperation Circle of the United Religions Initiative, recently launched three nuclear disarmament videos for children and young adults. They are inviting educational institutions, religious communities, nuclear disarmament groups, and other grassroots organizations to post these videos on their websites and social media platforms.

The Threat of Nuclear Weapons – A Call to Action Video, appropriate for young

adults and the public.

The Threat of Nuclear Weapons – A Call to Action Video = 10:54 minutes
Appropriate for young adults and the public.
Description: Brief summary of nuclear weapons history and why we all need to work to eliminate these weapons. Also includes a call to action and a description of what interested individuals can do help the cause.

Captain No-Nukes Animation = 3 minutes
Appropriate for children ages 8 and under.
Description: Short animation of Captain No-Nukes working to rid the world of nuclear weapons with concrete suggestions about how children can help.

The Evolution of Weapons in the World Animation = 1:15 minute

Appropriate for children of all ages.

Description: Brief animation on the history of conflicts and how to solve problems non-violently.

Find out more about Voices for a world free nuclear weapons.