Ancient paths. Finding your inner path in daily life | Aosta, Italy

The Eskimo way: climate change and human change in the era of global warming. We recommend you to register. Contact: adelgunde.mueller(at) Phone: +39 331 106 0263 Venue: Hotel HB Aosta             

€ 15

Teaching: Happiness through Balance | Zuerich, Switzerland

Everyone of us wants to be happy. Happiness requires inner and outer balance. During this full moon evening , Angaangaq, Greenland´s Shaman, gives us an insight into the pure teachings of the Eskimo-Kalaallit. Experience his powerful way of working and get to know what it means to be balanced. Angaangaq’s tuneful chants, his vivid ceremonies […]

CHF 35 – CHF 45

Melting the Ice in the Heart of Man – Shamanic Wisdom in Challenging Times | Schlierbach, Oberösterreich (Austria)

Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, Elder and Shaman, comes from the only country in the world where Man lives and there has never been war: Greenland. His commitment to the environment and indigenous issues brought him 70 countries. Since early in his life, Angaangaq has been invited by the United Nations, indigenous organizations, the Vatican among others. Angaangaq`s […]

€ 25

Lecture: Melting the Ice in the Heart of Man | Leipzig, Germany

Melting the Ice in the Heart of Man - this is the instruction that Angaangaq received from his mother to bring about the change he saw as impossible through his work at the UN. The lecture is the chance to meet him, get to know his way of working and learn from the old, orally […]

€ 25

Lecture | Milan – Italy

Centro Culturale 57Events viale Monza 57, 20125 Milano, Italy

The evening lecture is a good opportunity to come to know Angaangaq and his work as a shaman. “When you come home to yourself, you begin to realise that the world we live in is stunningly beautiful .” – Angaangaq Angaangaq speaks English and will be translated in Italian. For further information and registration, please […]

€ 15 – € 25

Wisdom Together Conference | Munich, Germany

Angaangaq is one of the speakers at the international Wisdom Together Conferenze 2019 Engagement From the Inner Core! What to expect: Interesting people from science, education, business and the arts come together and share their personal insights from their work and life. Meet and get inspired through talks, workshops and networking. Experience the emerging wisdom […]

Lecture | Melting the Ice in the Heart of Man | Cologne | Germany

Tajet Garden Alteburger Str. 250, Köln, Germany

Angaangaq guides us on the most important journey of our lives - the journey from the mind to the heart. The lecture will give you an insight into the powerful clear and living teachings of the Greenlandic culture and Angaangaqs way of working. The Seminar during the following weekend provides the possibility to learn more […]


Lecture | Shamanic Teachings from Greenland | Bern | Switzerland

Die Quelle – Ort der Begegnung Museumstrasse 10, Bern, Switzerland

Greenland is the only place on Earth where people live and there has never been war – the stories and teachings of this very old culture convey a special power. The wisdom and teachings of the Greenlandic culture have been kept alive for thousands of years and from generation to generation, through the art of […]


Lecture: Shamanic Teachings from Greenland | Belgium | Leuven

Living Lei Lei 15, Leuven, Belgium

Greenland is the only country on Earth where people live who never knew war. The wisdom and teachings from this peaceful Eskimo Kalaallit culture, have been kept alive for thousands of years and from generation to generation. Angaangaq stems from a family of traditional healers & shamans. He has been prepared by his family, in […]

€25 – €45