Intensive Seminar | Walking Tall and Powerful | near Kassel, Germany

During the weekend the guiding theme is: “Walking tall and and powerful” – what does it mean and how can we live it? Angaangaq will teach us about the topic from his indigenous tradition through the stories and teachings from the Far North and we can experience him as a shaman. At the same time, there will be space in the seminar for participants to ask questions about other areas. The main part of the seminar will be storytelling, ceremonies and chants – often with the qilaut (winddrum).

»The most beautiful prayer is a blossoming person: tall, powerful and in beauty. That is how we are meant to be for times and times to come. Not bent in spirit, not bent in body – but tall, powerful and in beauty. This is what it is all about. We show our gratitude to the Creator by walking tall and powerful as we are meant to be.”«

There are also always times of challenges in life, that may then cause us to doubt ourselves. However, it is something that we can and should learn throughout life and always remember and reinforce, because how are you going to walk through your world tall and powerful, if you don’t believe in yourself unconditionally? Who is going to believe in you, if you don’t believe in yourself?

Through the teachings and ceremonies of his ancestors, that Angaangaq shares with us, it is meant to be a support and inspiration to walk our path fearlessly, tall and courageously.

»Walk in a good way. Walk tall and powerful as you are meant to be, for times and times to come. This is how my grandmother Aanakasaa used to express it. If you fulfill your calling, then you can become a role model for others. Isn’t that a wonderful task?«


Angaangaq speaks English and is translated into German.


Seminar times: October 13th, 2023, start 6:30pm CEST with dinner until October 15th, 2023 at 5pm CEST.

Seminar costs: 395 € (including 19% VAT), excluding board & lodging

The prices for board & lodging range between € 55 – € 103 per day, depending on the type of accommodation.

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For further information and registration, please contact Vasumaya Wurm