Anja – member in Angaangaqs’ Tuukkaq Circle – talking about her way as everyday shaman

My name is Anja. Angaangaq gave me the name Assagiarsuk which means „the one with many arms, that can touch very deep, deeper as you thought, that it might be possible“. The many arms are a huge power for me – like the arms of the octopus, that is able to bring up to the surface a lot. A power I have been searching for and which has lead me to Angaangaq through a vision, a dream.

As we met – he told me „never close the door again  to the shamanic world – it is wonderful – come to me and learn“.

Meanwhile I am walking  with Angaangaq for four years– that makes me smile – and reminds me of my  youth. „Do you want to walk with me“ the youngsters have asked each other before they came closer, spent more time together, got to know each other and got intimate with each other. The intimacy is arising while working in the circle to which I feel very much connected to and where people come very close to each other on a spiritual level, where we support each other and grow together.

He had asked me – if I „would love to walk a long path with him“, and I without thinking my answer was “Yes”. Walking that path I report when we meet, whom I met, what I saw and heard.

Since 2020 I am walking as Angaangaqs’ personal assistant.

“The meaning of my spiritual name Assagiarsuk- given by Angaangaq – is “the one with the many hands, that can touch very deep”.

Foto: Doreen Wild

„Listen, listen and listen more, until you can tell a living story at your own“ – this is what Angaangaq tells me. I listen, observe and learn in the seminars and shamanic individual sessions, in the circle, which kind of advices Angaangaq gives- and how the teachings of his grandmother Aanakasaa and his tribe are suitable for our daily life. I listen and pay attention to what is happening outside, integrate it into my daily life – and by that making changes in my own life. How am I doing this? When I have questions and feel the need of finding a deeper wisdom within myself, I go into silence. In a meditation or by practicing Qi Gong I can find inner silence. Or I choose to do a spiritual walk, starting directly from the front door of my house.
When I am in silence, walk or sit at the fire and receive an answer or inner wisdom, I do my best to make the answer living. Exactly as I did 4 years ago, when I started to search for Angaangaq after having a dream.

When I  feel the need to look deeper into the past, for example into my family story, I practice the  “root ceremony”. If I want to transform energies  I create smoke or light a fire. For visualizing my dreams I draw, paint or practice calligraphy. As well I search for inspiration by working with oracle cards. In short terms: I choose one of many possibilities and adapt them to my circumstances and into my daily life. For example a sweatlodge I am not just doing in the traditional way on mother earth with wood and fire, but also in form of a card ceremony. In this way I create my own ceremony.

Based on this deep self-awareness I am able to support other people in  therapeutic settings, in the shamanic work, in talking – and in circles where we exchange our experiences and where I can share my own living story.

The teachings of Aanakasaa have deeply influenced my own work, but there is still much more to explore.  I like to share my everyday experiences humorously with other people.

“I like to share my everyday experiences humorously with other people”.

Foto: Doreen Wild

This old wisdom is helping me when I accompany other people  in exploring their own inner wisdom and their own ceremonies. „Walk your spiritual path with practical feet“, I repeat Angaangaqs’ words – do it your way so that it makes sense to you and is lifting your spirit. It is not about doing big events or ceremonies. A spiritual walk can start directly at your house – with the first step, with a special intention.

Or sometimes I just listen to people, maybe we just drink a cup of coffee together – and then there comes an important impulse – we laugh together – and words arise out of our hearts like nourishing honey.

Working together with other shamanic practicioners is increasing possibilities – at the same it can be a challenge. Then it is about not losing my humor – and to comprehend that also stumbling is part of my path.

“The wisdom of Angaangaqs’ ancestors helps me to accompany people in finding their own wisdom and ceremonies.”

Foto: Doreen Wild