Ikinngutit – Ilisarisimasarpassuakkalu …***** …
Family, Friends and all my Relations … ***** …

Change of season is one of the most important days of a humans’ calendar. In my world it goes really dark until February when the sun comes back. And out in the world things become darker, “Us” humankind we have created that. I have seen it more and more as I walk along on this path. What happened to us? What is it that we did wrong?

My mother told me:”Only by melting the ice in the heart of man man will have a chance to change and begin using his knowledge wisely.” That part, most of us have failed. We have become very confused in our state, giving such difficult times to each other. We have forgotten how to accept each other, how to talk to each other, how to work together.

The old people say that I should invite the fire to my heart. When I do that I can see your beauty. Let’s become the beacon of light which will shine to the world in which we live. Become that carrier of light, that beam of joy to people, recognize them and welcome them into your world. When the light in the heart is shining, THAT is the change of seasons.

One day the sun will rise where we will all look at the incredible beauty of our differences. I can hardly wait for that morning where I “finally” can and I will be able to say, “Welcome home.”

As many of us are now in a lock down again, I offer an Online-LIVE Seminar in January where I will teach about the shamanic path and what it can mean for your personal life – especially during these challenging times. Many people who are interested in the shamanic traditions have a very “western view” on it. In fact the path to the shamanic world is the path to yourself. It is a state of “just being”, living in full awareness and presence.
There are many paths to the shamanic world. I will support you to FIND your path, not to invent it. And I will invite you to create your own fire ceremony to light the fire in our hearts – for me it is extremely important to prepare you for the times to come, thus I am looking forward to meeting you in-person in January.

In unity, Angaangaq
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