Angaangaqs invitation to Greenland summer 2019

Ikinngutit – Ilisarisimasarpassuakkalu …***** …
Family, Friends and all my Relations … ***** …

may I invite you to a summer camp and ceremony in Greenland from August 7-16, 2019.

At 8th of August it will be the 50th anniversary of my spiritual task given by my fparents to build a healing center for my people on the Qaqqarsuaq, the sacred mountain of my ancestors. They said to me: “Build a healing center for our people, where they can learn to walk tall and powerful as they are meant to be, one more time.” Later on I was instructed by my Elders Atsaarsuaq and Akkaaraq to build a healing center for the world, because people of the world are in need for healing.

I invite you to celebrate that anniversary with me in Greenland, where you can experience the unique and wild beauty and vastness of the tundra with its ancient, original energy. We will feel the Big Ice and absorb its wisdom within us.
See you in Greenland in August.Takuss.