New Book Publication in Italian Language

Angaangaq´s book in German has just been published in Italian language by ‘Terra Nuova Edizioni:

La Saggezza dello Sciamano. 21 cerimonie per vivere con consapevolezza e forza interiore Link here

[The Wisdom of the Shaman: 21 Ceremonies for Living Consciously and with Inner Strength]

Ceremonies have always played a fundamental role for all indigenous peoples. They contain the ancient teachings and give significance and guidance in daily life; they are precious tools for a life in harmony with ourselves and nature. In our modern society we have lost this connection, our life is ruled by stress, feeling of isolation, of constant lack of time, of true relationships, of joy of life….

A ceremony is something living which has a significance for you. It comes from your heart and gives you joy; in this way, it gives sense to your daily life, and becomes support, creativity and healing. You will start to see your own beauty and the beauty of others, you will find a new reality within yourself, and your life will become a living ceremony.”

In this book Angaangaq, the Greenlandic Shaman known worldwide, presents 21 simple ceremonies for your daily practice. Small ceremonies which will help you to be in contact with the knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors, and to take the challenges of daily life with more serenity and courage.

These ceremonies have been created for various moments during daily life, e.g. the ceremony of WAKING UP and GOING TO SLEEP, or to celebrate different aspects and emotions of existence, like THE BEAUTIFUL SIDES OF LIFE, THE SMILE OF THE HEART, HUGGING YOURSELF and BURNING TEARS.

Starting and ending the day in a loving way, feeling grateful for the gifts of life, or consciously letting go of heavy thoughts and moods – are small gestures with a great effect. The ceremonies help you to recognize and to celebrate moments of happiness, and to live your life with more fullness and awareness.

Life is a ceremony, worthy to be celebrated with a ceremony.