Join Angaangaq in a Shamanic Journey
to the Big Ice in Greenland
March 16- 25, 2014

The Far North… Camping on the Big Ice… The Northern Lights…
Spiritual Walks… IceCaves… Dogsled Journey…Circle with the Elders
Fire Ceremony to celebrate the Traditional New Year in Greenland March 21
March 21st is the traditional beginning of the New Year in the Far North, the return of the sun to the Northern Hemisphere. We will celebrate the New Year with a Fire at the Big Ice.
In ceremony and celebration we will camp on the Big Ice.
We will visit Ice Caves and in silence walk on Long Lake, only with what we think and what we feel and thus come back into our hearts. Angaangaq says: Every time you speak to your heart, she will always speak back. Now it is time for you and me to learn to listen to our hearts.
We will lie on our backs at night on a rise and watch the Northern Lights dance in the sky. Angaangaq teaches that the northern lights are our ancestors dancing with joy as we remember them.

On March 21, we will light a fire at the site of the Sacred Fire Ceremony of 2009 and in ceremony celebrate the New Year.
We will experience a Dogsled journey on the Big Fjord.
Angaangaq will take us to a spiritual walk on Qaqqarsuaq, where Aanakasaap Illua will be built, the healing center for the Eskimos and all Nations. There, at the top of Qaqqarsuaq, we will join our hearts and celebrate a ceremony for a New Beginning.
This journey to the Far North with Angaangaq will be an extraordinary and profound experience, a journey of joy, adventure, ceremony, and connection.




March 16
Arrival in Copenhagen. Circle gathering, dinner in the evening.
(earlier arrival for weekend in Copenhagen possible)

March 17
Morning flight to Kangerlussuaq
A walk in Kangerlussuaq and evening Circle with Elders

March 18- 21
Arrival to Ice Camp on the Big Ice, Orientation and Evening Ceremony
Hike on the Big Ice, Visit Ice Caves, Observe the Northern Lights on the rise near the Camp.
Spiritual walk on Long Lake

March 21
Ceremony to celebrate the beginning of the New Year at the Sacred Site
Counsel at the Fire.
Return to Kangerlussuaq in the afternoon

March 22
Qaqqarsuaq: spiritual walk, Ceremony of new beginning at site of Aanakasaap Illua Healing Center

March 23
Dog sled on the Big Fjord, Barbecue, group activities and closing circle

March 24
Return flight to Copenhagen

March 25
Journey home

Cost: about 2950 €