Spirituality and Healing | Lerici, La Spezia, Italy

Associazione culturale Arthena le tre strade 15, Pozzuolo di Lerici, Italy

Illness means: being out of balance ... There are illnesses of the spirit, and illnesses of the body ... Healing means: restoring the balance between body and spirit. When your spirit is lifted, you will smile, and your body will feel better; when you lift your spirit above the present, you will look with eyes […]

€ 60

Shamanic Wisdom in Modern Life | La Spezia, Italy

Centro ARMONIA DELL’ESSERE via Sarzana, 52 , La Spezia, Italy

More and more people in the Western world connect with the teachings of indigenous peoples. They recognize their truth and feel that these teachings bring life and make us aware of who we are. "The greatest distance in the existence of Man is from his mind to his heart. Only if he conquers this distance, […]

€ 20

Evening Circle | Fairport, NY, USA

East Side Wellness Center 625 Ayrault Rd, Fairport, NY, United States

In our time together, Angaangaq will use his  Qilaut drum: he will chant, he will teach, he will share teachings and wisdom from the Far North. It’s not just the drum, the chanting, or the ceremony that makes these Circles so powerful. Its the Awareness, Heart, the Presence that he embodies. You can feel the […]


Seminar: Melting the Ice in the Heart of Man | Belgium | Leuven

Living Lei Lei 15, Leuven, Belgium

» The hardest ice to be melted is the ice in the heart of Man. And now time has arrived to do so.«Angaangaq Angaangaq guides us on the most important journey of our lives – the journey from the mind to the heart. By means of the wisdom & stories from his homeland, the chants […]

€60 – €110