Intensive Seminar with Angaangaq, Greenland´s Shaman | Schlierbach, Oberösterreich (Austria)

Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, Elder and Shaman, comes from the only country in the world where Man lives and there has never been war: Greenland. His commitment to the environment and indigenous issues brought him 70 countries. Since early in his life, Angaangaq has been invited by the United Nations, indigenous organizations, the Vatican among others. Angaangaq`s […]

€ 320

Coming home to yourself | Near the Big Ice | Greenland

Greenland | Kangerlussuaq Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

The 8th of August will be the 50th anniversary of Angaangaq's spiritual task to build a healing center for his people on the Qaqqarsuaq, the sacred mountain of his ancestors. His task is: "Build a healing center for our people, where they can learn to walk tall and powerful as they are meant to be, […]

Global Drums Gathering | 8000 Drums

The organisation Global Drums Gathering organizes a global drum event on August 8th, 11:11 h CEST (Central European Summertime). People walking with Angaangaq will also offer drum gatherings in different places. Angaangaq supports the event in spirit. If you want to join an event in your region or organize your own event please contact either […]

Talk at the World Expo | Dubai

Angaangaq is invited to talk at the World Expo in Dubai. He will contribute as a speaker to the event "Healthier World, Healthier People - Designing Spaces that heal our Planet". Thought leaders, visionaries and changemakers consider the health risks associated with humans’ and nature’s increasing proximity, and ask how we can design and build […]

Get Together | Melting the Ice in the Heart of Man | Netherlands

Peace Pledge Project is organising a Get Together with Angaangaq for people who are interested in his work as a shaman and in the Healing Center he is planning in Greenland. Find the program here Date: June 3rd, 2022, 10 am-  5 pm Fee: On donation based, to be paid upfront Location: Laric Center in […]

Summer Camp Greenland

Angaangaq will meet with people from over the world in a summer camp at the sacred site in Greenland, 5th – 16th August, 2022 When the Sun and Moon are in the Sky at the same time Greenland is the only land on earth where people live where there has never been war. Angaangaq has […]

Storytelling Festival | West Fulton, New York

The StoryTelling Festival in New York has been postponed due to inclement weather. The organizer has to determine when and how to go forward. The Mother Earth gave Her sacred gift of storytelling to the Original Peoples in the beginning days. These creation stories and stories that also prophesize and instruct have been passed down […]

$125 – $250